Updated Research Masters programs database by Aviad Rubinstein and Matt Weinberg

Guest post by Aviad Rubinstein and Matt Weinberg

As explained in Boaz’s previous posts [1] [2], the PhD admission process can be challenging for students who discover their passion for Theory of Computer Science late in their undergraduate studies. Discovering TCS earlier is especially challenging for students who aren’t exposed to CS in high school, and this bias aggravates the diversity issues we have in our community. Masters programs are one way to mitigate this issue.
On a personal note, one of us (Aviad), worked half-time during undergraduate and would not have been in academia today -let alone TCS of all subjects- if it weren’t for the awesome TCS masters program at Tel-Aviv University.

But where would you go (or send your students) to do a masters in TCS?A little over a year ago, we were discussing how useful it would be to have a unified resource that can help students choose. We decided that we should create one! Months passed, and right before we ran out of excuses to procrastinate, Boaz made this post crowdsourcing information on TCS masters programs.
After some more procrastination, we eventually did send a lot of emails and tried to clean and organize the information to the best of our ability. Thanks to everyone who contributed! You can find the latest version here. (Short url: http://tiny.cc/tcsmasters)

Now you should share it with your brightest students!

This is also meant to be a live project. Please email aviad [at] cs.stanford.edu if you have more new information or find any inaccuracies.


-Aviad and Matt

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