GPT as an “Intelligence Forklift.”

[See my post with Edelman on AI takeover and Aaronson on AI scenarios. This is a rough, with various fine print, caveats, and other discussions missing. Cross-posted on Windows on Theory.]  One challenge for considering the implications of “artificial intelligence,” especially of the “general” variety, is that we don’t have a consensus definition of intelligence. The Oxford Companion … Continue reading GPT as an “Intelligence Forklift.”

5 worlds of AI

Scott Aaronson and I wrote a post about 5 possible worlds for (the progress of) Artificial Intelligence. See Scott's blog for the post itself and discussions. The post was, of course, inspired by the classic essay on the 5 worlds of computational complexity by Russell Impagliazzo who will be turning 60 soon - Happy birthday!

TCS for all travel grants and speaker nominations (guest post by Elena Grigorescu)

TCS for All (previously TCS Women) Spotlight Workshop at STOC 2023/Theory Fest: Travel grants and call for speaker nominations You are cordially invited to our TCS for All Spotlight Workshop! The workshop will be held on Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 (2-4pm), in Orlando, Florida, USA, as part of the 54th Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) and TheoryFest! The workshop … Continue reading TCS for all travel grants and speaker nominations (guest post by Elena Grigorescu)

Interview about this blog in the Bulletin of the EATCS

Luca Trevisan recently interviewed me for the Bulletin of the EATCS (see link for the full issue, including an interview with Alexandra Silva, and technical columns by Naama Ben-David, Ryan Williams, and Yuri Gurevich). With Luca's permission, I am cross-posting it here. (I added some hyperlinks to relevant documents.) Q. Boaz, thanks for taking the … Continue reading Interview about this blog in the Bulletin of the EATCS

Provable Copyright Protection for Generative Models

See arxiv link for paper by Nikhil Vyas, Sham Kakade, and me. Conditional generative models hold much promise for novel content creation. Whether it is generating a snippet of code, piece of text, or image, such models can potentially save substantial human effort and unlock new capabilities. But there is a fly in this ointment. … Continue reading Provable Copyright Protection for Generative Models

Postdocs at Harvard!

New: Kempner Fellows. A 3-year prestigious position with attractive terms for early-stage scientists interested in "fundamentally advancing our understanding of natural and artificial intelligence." The ML Foundations and theory groups at Harvard are looking for postdocs for the coming academic year. There are also several other positions at Harvard, including at the Harvard Data Science … Continue reading Postdocs at Harvard!