This Blog was started by the researchers in theoretical computer science at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley center (MSR-SVC). The first blog post was posted by Omer Reingold on Feb 14, 2012. The blog’s founders later invited other theoretical CS researchers at MSR, including Boaz Barak (then at MSR New England) to join. Despite its many contributions to the scientific field of computer science and to Microsoft’s businesses, Microsoft Research SVC was closed down on September 18, 2014.  Since then, the scientists at MSR-SVC have gone on to many other places, continuing to do great work and advance the state of art of our field. These days, this blog is largely maintained by Boaz, though he is always on the lookout for guest posts on theoretical CS topics.

Below is the original “about page” of the Windows on Theory blog:

We offer this group blog as a forum for exchanging ideas and debating topics of interest to the Theory of Computing (TOC) community (otherwise known as TCS -Theoretical Computer Science). Over the years, TOC has been very successful and not surprisingly it has widened, it has deepened, it has grown! Traditional conferences, while still extremely important, now seem insufficient to keep us as one community (a goal which is still just as vital to our success as a field). Theory blogs, like ours, can be therefore viewed as a new kind of conference and its business meeting. We suspect that a blog run by a diverse group would be particularly suited for the task.

Comments on this blog are most welcomed! We encourage commenters to use their real identity. While anonymous comments are currently allowed, we will apply a stricter standard in moderating them.

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