Crowdsourcing Masters program

Going directly from undergraduate to Ph.D can be a good idea for many students interested in research, but it’s not the only route or the best choice for everyone.

As I wrote before, for students that discovered their interest in theoretical CS late in their undergrad, or perhaps after they graduated, a research Masters, can be a great option. This is particularly the case if the program is funded (i.e., students get a stipend and don’t need to pay tuition). Such programs are not common in the U.S., but there are some excellent choices around the world.

Since (as far as I know) there is no single source listing such programs, I thought a crowdsourced Google spreadsheet might be useful and so created one here: (Update 11/19/20: this is now pointing to the new sheet created by Aviad Rubinstein and matt Weinberg)

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