Harvard opportunity: lecturing / advising position

Harvard Computer Science is seeking a Lecturer/Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies. A great candidate would be someone passionate about teaching and mentoring and excited to build a diverse and inclusive Undergraduate Computer Science community at Harvard. The position requires a Ph.D and is open to all areas of computer science and related fields, but of course personally I would love to have a theorist fill this role.

Key responsibilities are:

* Teach (or co-teach) one undergraduate Computer Science course per semester.

* Join and help lead the Computer Science Undergraduate Advising team (which includes mentoring and advising undergraduate students and developing materials, initiatives, and events to foster a welcoming and inclusive Harvard Computer Science community.)

The job posting with all details is at https://tiny.cc/harvardadus

Any questions about this position, feel free to contact me or Steve Chong  (the co directors of undergraduate studies for CS at Harvard) at cs-dus at seas.harvard.edu 

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