TCS Women at STOC (guest post by Virginia Williams)

[Guest post by Virgi Vassilevska Williams on the TCS women program at STOC. In particular the TCS Women Spotlight workshop has a great program and is open to all. –Boaz]
Dear all,
The TCS Women 2019 program is finalized: Here are some details:
On June 23rd, we have our TCS Women Spotlight workshop from 2 pm to 5 pm. This will feature an inspirational talk by Ronitt Rubinfeld (MIT & Tel Aviv University)–“Comedy of Errors”, and rising stars talks by Naama Ben-David (CMU), Debarati Das (Charles University), Andrea Lincoln (MIT) and Oxana Poburinnaya (Boston University). The workshop is open to all and we would love to see you all there.
On June 24th, we have the TCS Women lunch and panel of distinguished researchers from academia and industries. This year’s panelists include Shuchi Chawla (University of Wisconsin), Julia Chuzhoy (TTIC), Edith Cohen (Google), Faith Ellen (University of Toronto), Rachel Lin (University of Washington) and Nutan Limaye (Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai). The event is open to all women participants of FCRC.
In addition to these, there will be a TCS Women poster session held jointly with the STOC poster session on June 24th. Fourteen women researchers will be presenting posters on their research. More information is available on our website. All are welcome. 
We are providing travel scholarships to more than forty women students this year to attend STOC and FCRC. We secured funding from the NSF, Akamai, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Thank you!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Best wishes,
The TCS Women organizers

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