A Social Blogger

Since the close of MSR-SVC, I seem to have lost my taste for blogging. I think I finally know why: For me blogging is a social activity. I loved discussing the posts with my down-the-hall colleagues and friends. So, to regain this wonderful feeling, we (Stanford Theory) are opening a new theory group blog – Theory Dish. I hope this experience would be as great as starting “Windows on Theory” has been (for us and the readers).

As for “Windows on Theory,” we seem to have left the wonderful Boaz to hold the fort on his own, which he has done valiantly so far. Surely, recruiting Boaz has been one of my greatest contributions to the world of theory blogging and I simply love his posts. Nevertheless, I am not leaving Windows on Theory and we have great plans for it, including guest posts and more. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “A Social Blogger

  1. Best of luck to you and the rest of the Stanford folks in the new blog which is already off to a great start!!

    Indeed, I do hope that Windows on Theory won’t devolve into merely “Windows on Boaz” and we will continue to have posts from Omer and others as well.

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