Some announcements

As also posted by Michael Mitzenmacher, we have several postdoc positions at Harvard,  please apply by December 1st.

In particular in 2017-2018, Harvard’s center for mathematical sciences and applications will be hosting a special year on combinatorics and complexity,  organized by  Noga Alon, me, Jacob Fox, Madhu Sudan, Salil Vadhan, and Leslie Valiant. I am quite excited about the workshops and events we have planned, so it should be a great time to be in the area.


The two sister sum-of-squares seminars at Cambridge and Princeton have  been maintaining a fairly extensive set of online lecture notes (with links to videos of Cambridge lectures added as we go along). While these notes are still a work in progress, I am already quite happy  with how they turned out (but would be grateful for any feedback to help make them more accessible).

As I mentioned before, if you want to see the live version, David Steurer and I are going to teach a Sum of Squares Winter Course in UC San Diego in January 4-7, 2017. Should be fun!!

Finally, please send in your suggestions for papers to invite for Theory Fest presentations by December 12, 2016. I’ve been having some issues with the dedicated email I setup for this, so if you sent in a suggestion and didn’t get a response, please send me a copy at my personal email as well.

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