DIMACS looking for an associate director

The DIMACS Center at Rutgers University (dimacs.rutgers.edu) is seeking an Associate Director. DIMACS facilitates research, education, and outreach in discrete mathematics, computer science theory, algorithms, mathematical and statistical methods, and their applications.  The Associate Director is expected to play a leadership role in planning, developing, and running DIMACS activities and programs, including setting new directions.  A PhD in computer science, mathematics, operations research, statistics, or a related field is preferred. Applicants with a doctorate will be considered for Associate Director with a non-tenure-track calendar-year research faculty appointment at Rutgers. Highly qualified applicants without a doctorate will be considered for a staff appointment as Assistant Director. For more details, visit dimacs.rutgers.edu/AssociateDirector.

One thought on “DIMACS looking for an associate director

  1. & one of the 1st institutions ever to support research into SAT transition point, solver contests, hard instance generators/ repositories, etc, all very cutting edge & far ahead of its time… 😀
    & why do all the prior areas have such low profile/ status among many theoretical researchers? 😦
    & think its a bummer that the DIMACs hard instance repositories & contest histories seem not very well archived 😦

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