Theory announcements: Prizes, CFP, and more

Related to my last post on the FOCS 2023 conjectures track, the chairs now put together an FAQ about it.

ACM SIGACT is soliciting nominations for several prizes: Knuth Prize by February 15, Distinguished service award by March 1, and Gödel prize by March 31.

NSF is looking for a Program Director for the Algorithmic Foundations program.

Finally the call for papers for ITC 2023 is posted below. Deadline is February 8:

We are happy to announce the fourth edition of the conference on Information-Theoretic Cryptography (ITC). Information-theoretic cryptography deals with the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols and primitives with unconditional security guarantees and the usage of information-theoretic tools and techniques in achieving other forms of security. The conference takes a broad interpretation of this theme and encourages submissions from different communities (cryptography, information theory, coding theory, theory of computation) that have *some* components of security and information theory. 

The conference will have two tracks: a conference track and a spotlight track. The conference track will operate like a traditional conference with the usual review process and published proceedings. This year, we would like to encourage submissions from the information theory community, as well as the following emerging topics that have interesting interplay with information-theoretic cryptography: algorithmic fairness, adversarial and robust learning. We also encourage submissions from the cryptography community for papers that are not only about information-theoretic techniques, such as papers that prove a computationally secure construction but where the proof uses information-theoretic techniques, or papers that offer several constructions of a primitive, some of which are information-theoretically secure. The spotlight track consists of invited talks that highlight the most exciting recent advances in the area. We have an exciting list of Invited speakers this year including Ivan Damgård, Sidharth Jaggi, Mohammad Mahmoody, Siyao Guo, Ron Rothblum and Geoffroy Couteau.

The conference will take place on June 6-8, 2023 at Aarhus University, Denmark.

The submission deadline for ITC 2023 is Feb 8, 2023, and the call for papers is available here:

Please submit your best work to ITC 2023! We hope to see many of you there!
The Organizing Committee

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