I’m with her (but 4 years too late)

In May 2016, after Donald Trump was elected as the republican nominee for president, I wrote the following blog post. I ended up not publishing it – this has always been a technical blog (and also more of a group blog, at the time). While the damage of a Donald Trump presidency was hypothetical at the time, it is now very real and in a second term the stakes are only higher. I once again hope American readers of this blog would do what they can to support Joe Biden.

Note: this is not an invitation for a debate on who to vote for in the comments. At this point, if you are educated and following the news (as I imagine all readers of this blog are) then if you are not already convinced that Donald Trump is a danger to this country and the world, nothing I will say will change your mind. Similarly, nothing you will say will change mine. Hence this is just a call for those readers who already support Joe Biden to make sure they vote and think of how they can help with their money or time in other ways.

I’m with Her

Boaz Barak / May 3, 2016

The republican electorate, in their infinite wisdom, have just (essentially) finalized the election of Donald Trump as their nominee for the position of the president of the United States.

While I have my political views, I don’t consider myself a very political person, and have not (as far as I remember) ever written about politics in this blog. However, extreme times call for extreme measures. It is tempting to be fatalist or cynical about this process, and believe that whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is elected doesn’t make much of a difference. Some people believe that the presidency shapes the person more than the other way around, and others feel that all politicians are anyway corrupt or that Hillary is not much better than trump since she voted for the Iraq war and gave paid speeches for Wall Street firms. I think the last two presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama demonstrated that the identity of the president makes a huge difference. All evidence points out that with Trump this difference will be entirely in the negative direction.

While his chances might not be great, this is not a bet I’m comfortable taking. I plan to support Hillary Clinton as much as I can, and hope that other American readers of this blog will do the same

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