SIGACT research highlights – call for nominations

TL;DR: Know of a great recent paper that should be highlighted to the theory community and beyond? Email a nomination to by October 19th.

The goal of the SIGACT Research Highlights Committee is to help promote
top computer science theory research via identifying results that are of
high quality and broad appeal to the general computer science audience.
These results would then be recommended for consideration for the CACM Research Highlights section as well as other general-audience computer science research outlets.

Nomination and Selection Process:

The committee solicits two types of nominations:

1) Conference nominations. Each year, the committee will ask the PC
chairs of theoretical computer science conferences to send a selection
of up to three top papers from these conferences (selected based on both
their technical merit and breadth of interest to non-theory audience)
and forwarding them to the committee for considerations.

2) Community nominations. The committee will accept nominations from the members of the community. Each such nomination should summarize the contribution of the nominated paper and also argue why this paper is
suitable for broader outreach. The nomination should be no more than a
page in length and can be submitted at any time by emailing it to Self-nominations are

The nomination deadline is Monday, October 19, 2020 .


The SIGACT Research Highlights Committee currently comprises the
following members:

Boaz Barak, Harvard University
Irit Dinur, Weizmann Institute of Science
Aleksander Mądry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (chair)
Jelani Nelson, University of California, Berkeley

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