Special year on combinatorics and complexity

This year Harvard’s Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications is running a special year on combinatorics and complexity. We have many long-term visitors and postdocs, and several events that theoretical computer scientists might wish to take part in, including four workshops:

Our Friday theory reading group will move to the CMSA center and feature many speakers from the special year.

In addition, the program will feature a series of public lectures by Noga Alon (Sept. 7), Jennifer Chayes (Nov. 2), Jacob Fox (Feb. 1), and Dan Spielman (March 20).

Combinatorics will also be featured in this year’s Ahlfors Lecture Series, given by Timothy Gowers (University of Cambridge) on October 11-12. Leslie Valiant will give the Ding Shum lecture on October 10.

Harvard will also host the Women In Theory workshop in the summer of 2018 (details forthcoming),

Participation: Researchers interested in participating in the special year through a short- or long-term visit to CMSA are encouraged to contact the organizers through the CMSA Administrative Coordinator, Sarah LaBauve (slabauve@math.harvard.edu).  Each of the workshops is also open to participation by all interested researchers subject to capacity. Registration forms can be found on the webpages for the individual workshops. 


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