FOCS 2017: Registration and call for workshops

Fall is coming, and with it the annual holiday of FOCS. FOCS 2017 will be held at Berkeley from Oct 15-17, with a day of workshops/tutorials on Oct 14th. Registrations are now open at

Early registration deadline for the conference is Sept 25th, 2017.

Speaking of workshops, there is one way to guarantee that FOCS has a workshop in an area you care about, and it is to organize such a workshop yourself!

Speaking from experience, organizing a workshop is non-zero but not unmanageable amount of work. It is a great way to connect with colleagues in your area, as well as expose some other people in the TCS community to it. The call for workshops is now up at

A proposal for a workshop can be quite minimal – the main thing you need is the names of the organizers and speakers. To submit a proposal, send an email to Aleskander Mądry and James Lee by September 3, 2017.

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