Congratulations to MacArthur Fellowship

My hearty congratulations to MacArthur Fellowship for handing down the right decision and naming Craig Gentry its fellow, better known as a genius. What a truly deserving winner! As the readers of this blog know full well, Craig has done seminal work in cryptography – time and time again. In his prize-winning Ph.D. work in 2009 Craig achieved what many had considered to be impossible – fully-homomorphic encryption. In short three years he (with co-authors, Sanjam Garg and Shai Halevi) proposed another object – a cryptographic multilinear map whose existence I’d been willing to bet against. Last year Craig (with several more co-authors) constructed an obfuscation mechanism with two amazing properties: it looks impossibly difficult to achieve and useless for any cryptographic applications. Both statements – you see the pattern here – are wrong. Indistinguishability obfuscation, as it has become known, quite plausibly exists and we are still in the process of grasping its true potential.


One thought on “Congratulations to MacArthur Fellowship

  1. holomorphic encryption is a genuine gamechanger/phase change/paradigm shift & seems like it could be worth billions someday to whoever figures out how to implement it. its such a natural mechanism to plug into the cloud, its almost like peanut butter & chocolate together… who could that be to figure it out? google or amazon probably….

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