On the last day of the conference I paid a visit to the friendly workshop next door – CHES (Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems). It was all foreign to me – a different mix of people, posters outside the lecture hall. After this year’s CRYPTO compressed talks, 25 minutes felt like an eternity. Actual food … Continue reading CRYPTO: Day 4


First day of CRYPTO. Nothing happened… Just kidding. Actually, the first day was quite busy and eventful. It was headlined by the session on lattices and fully-homomorphic encryption. The one talk that I’d like to highlight was delivered by Craig Gentry (and co-authored by Amit Sahai and Brent Waters). It describes a particularly elegant and … Continue reading CRYPTO: Day 1

History Repeats Itself in the Notices of AMS

Before Communications of ACM became cool again, I’ve been a regular reader of the Notices of American Mathematical Society. I still check it out occasionally to keep tabs on the mathematical community. This month’s issue featured a lengthy article with a lofty title “Mathematical Methods in the Study of Historical Chronology”. It covers the work … Continue reading History Repeats Itself in the Notices of AMS