Craving for Stories

My FOCS PC work slows down the flow of stories (but feel free to send me your stories without all the redundant arm twisting, you know I’ll get to you at some point anyway 😉 ).

In the meanwhile, here are two pointers that are relevant. First, People of ACM has some great stories. In particular, read about the connection between storytelling and computer science (by Christos Papadimitriou).

Another pointer is an essay (which went viral among my academic Facebook friends) by Martin A. Schwartz on The importance of stupidity in scientific research. It touches on some points that came up in past stories on our project.

2 thoughts on “Craving for Stories

  1. Love this series of articles. The link to the article about feeling stupid completely captures research for me. Manuel Blum is the best exponent of that, in my opinion. The best research comes out of being “stupid and naive.”

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