Postdoc positions at MSR

This is the season for academic job searches, and if you are looking for a postdoc in theoretical Computer Science, we hope you consider applying for a position at Microsoft Research. The various MSR labs are looking for postdocs in many scientific fields, including all areas of theoretical Computer Science. You can apply for postdoc positions at this website. Please don’t forget to specify in the form all the labs you may be interested in. Some of the labs also have additional requirements, here are those for the U.S. labs at New England, Redmond, and Silicon Valley.

  • Applicants for MSR New England, should check this web page for detailed instructions on how to apply. Note that while you can apply at any time, to ensure full consideration it’s best if your application is completed (including the three letters of reference) by November 30, 2012.
  • Applicants for the theory group at MSR Redmond should apply on the website above by December 15, 2012. In addition application materials (including references) should be sent to
  • Applicants for the theory group at MSR Silicon Valley should contact a group member in addition to applying through the website

MSR is always looking for researchers for permanent positions as well, which one can apply to using the same website as above. Last but not least, if you’re interested in these or any other positions, it’s always good not to put all your trust in the machine..

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