Message from STOC 2013 PC Chair – Joan Feigenbaum

The following message from Joan Feigenbaum describes some major changes in the new formatting requirements. While these changes may be controversial, it’s important to take note.


1) Please read the Call for Papers carefully and pay special attention to length and formatting requirements, which have changed since last year:

a) Submissions must be no more than 10 pages in two-column ACM Proceedings format, including the bibliography.

b) Length and formatting requirements will be enforced strictly and literally; submissions that don’t conform will be summarily rejected.

Note that you have the option of uploading a full-paper version, along with your 10-page extended abstract.

2) The online submission process will take more time than it has in the past for at least two reasons:

a) There are roughly three times as many Program-Committee members as in the past, and thus Conflicts of Interest will take longer to check off.

b) Each author is required to select one or more Topics (from a moderately long list) that describe his or her submission.

Thus we strongly suggest that you create your user account on the submission server NOW and fill in a “start new paper” form for each submission, even if you have not yet finished writing it.  Submissions can be modified any time between now and the deadline of Nov. 2, 2012 at 04:59 pm EDT.

Note that this and all other information about STOC 2013 can be found at

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