Postdocs at Harvard!

New: Kempner Fellows. A 3-year prestigious position with attractive terms for early-stage scientists interested in “fundamentally advancing our understanding of natural and artificial intelligence.”

The ML Foundations and theory groups at Harvard are looking for postdocs for the coming academic year.

There are also several other positions at Harvard, including at the Harvard Data Science Initiative (HDSI), Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (CMSA), Swartz fellows at the Center for Brain Sciences, the George Carrier fellowship in applied mathematics, the Center for Research on Computation and Society (CRCS), Harvard Quantum Initiative (HQI). I hope that the newly announced Kempner Institute will also be able to offer positions for the next academic year.

All these positions have different foci and conditions, and the searches are run by different institutions, even if the set of potential mentors might be overlapping. Hence I strongly recommend that people apply to all positions that they are interested in.

These positions and others are posted on the opportunities section of the ML foundations home page ( ). When I hear of new opportunities, I may update there and/or on Twitter.

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