STOCial 2022: Guest post by Clément Canonne (+ TCS Women Spotlight workshop)

[To further prove that I am not a longtermist, here is a guest post by Clément about activities in STOC that will happen next week. –Boaz]

UPDATE: Don’t miss the TCS Women Spotlight Workshop  Monday, June 20th, 8:45 am – 11:450 am Rome Time. Irit Dinur will give a talk on “How I re-proved the PCP theorem and how I hope to do it again” and there will be six rising star talks by Sami Davies (Northwestern), Tamalika Mukherjee (Purdue), Aditi Dudeja (Rutgers), Charlie Carlson (Colorado Boulder), Yasamin Nazari (Johns Hopkins), and Jessica Sorrell (UCSD). Register on

The 54th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC’22) is starting next week in Rome, as part of the broader TheoryFest. Now, while this probably is not coming as a surprise to you, did you now about the social and mentoring events at STOC, which, not to miss a good portmanteau when one sees one,* we shall refer henceforth as STOCial’22?

Organised by Federico Fusco, Tegan Wilson, Mary Wootters, and myself, STOCial’22 includes a bonanza of activities, games, and fun, including (but not limited to):

  • a student lunch!
  • two senior/junior lunches!
  • cartoon caption contests!
  • a scavenger hunt! 🧩
  • a STOC-themed crossword!
  • a game of socc… football! ⚽
  • PRIZES! 🏆

To learn more about those, and sign up to the student or senior/junior lunches:

See you next week!

Clément Canonne

* If someone finds a palindrome instead, let me know. I would love a good pal in Rome.

One thought on “STOCial 2022: Guest post by Clément Canonne (+ TCS Women Spotlight workshop)

  1. This makes me even sadder to be missing this STOC 😦

    Fantastic initiative Clement, Mary, Tegan, and Federico!

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