Submit your failures to CFAIL 2019

[Posted at the request of Craig Gentry. I think this is actually a great idea that should be imitated by other sub-areas of TCS as well. –Boaz]

Update: The Conference for Failed Approaches and Insightful Losses in cryptology is celebrating our first failure early: the failure to keep a deadline! We are extending the submission deadline to 11:59 pm EST on April 7 to give everyone more time to work on submissions. In these last weeks leading up to the deadline, you can follow the @cfail2019 twitter account for inspiring jokes about failure to help you reach the finish line!

The CFAIL 2019 program chairs would like to remind you that some failures are good. Failure to attack a cryptosystem? Good! It might be a strong cryptosystem. Failure to publish in Eurocrypt? No problem! You’ll get ’em next time. Failure to cut back on caffeine like you promised in your New Year’s resolution? Good! You must be full of energy!

But failure to submit to CFAIL… lame! 
Work on those submissions, cryptologists! We want to see your failures in all their glory! 
Just a friendly reminder that the CFAIL submission deadline is April 1 April 7th.

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