News addicts: Sign up for the CATCS newsletter

If, like others following the pace of modern life, you’re the kind of person that needs to get just on time updates on the state of theoretical computer science, consider signing up for the newsletter of CATCS. You can get information about funding opportunities, advocacy efforts, and more. Sure, at the hectic rate of two messages per year, it might flood your inbox, but it is worth it.

Dear Theoretical Computer Scientist,

The Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science (CATCS) was established by SIGACT to deal with funding, outreach, and advocacy issues for our community. If you would like to receive our newsletter (no more than twice annually) we encourage you to sign up for the Google group below:!forum/catcs-news
(Navigate to the page above and click “Join group.” You can unsubscribe at any time from the same page.)
Best wishes, CATCS

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