“TCS: The Next Decade” Panel at STOC 2017

(Guest post by Anna Karlin)

As you know there will be a panel on “Theoretical Computer Science: The Next Decade” on Wednesday morning at STOC 2017.
The panelists are Andy Yao, Russell Impagliazzo, Cynthia Dwork, Dan Spielman, Tim Roughgarden and Ankur Moitra.
As moderator, I’d love to hear any specific questions/topics you’d like to hear the panelists pontificate about.

Send any thoughts along these lines to Anna Karlin (karlin at cs dot washington dot edu).

Any questions/suggestions that we don’t use will be posted to this blog after the panel takes place.


2 thoughts on ““TCS: The Next Decade” Panel at STOC 2017

  1. wow, where to begin? something from recent headlines. moshe vardi has some great insight into the CS vs economic issues in particular jobs & is pursuing this topic


    question for the panel. is AI/ robotics/ big data/ deep learning part of TCS or not? quantum computing? another big question area, automated theorem proving. could it improve over the next 10 yrs? how about, complexity in proofs? separation of complexity classes? could it be combined with deep learning/ big data insights? have been working on an approach on that myself for many yrs wrt number theory, specifically collatz, more details in my blog. is there gonna be a transcript or video of this panel? sure hope so! plz post the link if it become available, this is a great area 🙂 😎 ⭐ ❤

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