TheoryFest update

[Guest post by Sanjeev Arora. Action items: register, book your hotel and flight, and consider submitting a poster.]

ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing Is morphing this year into a 5-day Theory Fest, as announced earlier. This is going to be a new and exciting kind of event for the theory community, with talks covering a larger set of topics, and many more opportunities to learn new things and to network with colleagues. Registration is now open and the early reg. rate is very low, considering that the event now stretches to 5 days. For more details, visit the conference webpage.

Early registration deadline is May 21; Hotel Reservation deadline is May 19.

Event highlights

  • 103 STOC talks in 3 parallel sessions.
  • Three keynote speakers: Orna Kupferman (Graph theoretic methods in verification), Avi Wigderson (Nature and Future of TCS), and Knuth 2017 Winner.
  • Three tutorial speakers (2 hours each, in parallel): Julia Chuzhoy (Graph minors and algorithms), Russ Salakhutdinov (Deep learning), Aviv Zohar (Cryptocurrencies).
  • 15 Plenary short talks, including the STOC prize-winning papers and 11 other papers selected from a host of “theory+” conferences and journals. Areas represented include databases, programming languages, machine learning, networking, computational economics, security, and theoretical physics.
  • 1-hour panel discussion on “Theoretical CS: The next decade” moderated by Anna Karlin, and with the following panelists: Cynthia Dwork, Russell Impagliazzo, Ankur Moitra, Dan Spielman, Tim Roughgarden and Andy Yao
  • Evening poster sessions on Days 2 and 4, where a total of about 150 papers will be presented. Out of these about 50 are those that appeared in other theory+ venues (the deadline for being considered is May 1.
  • Five exciting workshops on Day 5, touching upon machine learning, continuous optimization, mechanism design, PCPs, and Sum of Squares algorithms.

As you can see, it is going to be a fantastic event. It is brought to you thanks to the hard work of several dozen people (listed here), plus hundreds of STOC reviewers. Please come to Montreal to see the amazing event they’ve put together!

Theory Fest 2018 will be in or around Santa Monica CA June 23—27, 2018. We welcome other theory meetings to collocate, or at least choose a date/place close to theory fest.

See you in Montreal!

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