Politics on technical blogs

By Boaz Barak and Omer Reingold

Yesterday Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be (presumptively) nominated for president by a major party. But in the eyes of many, the Republican Party was first to make history this election season by breaking the “qualifications ceiling” (or perhaps floor) in their own (presumptive) nomination.

Though already predicted in 2000 by the Simpsons , the possibility of a Trump presidency has rattled enough people so that even mostly technical bloggers such as Terry Tao and Scott Aaronson felt compelled to voice their opinion.

We too have been itching for a while to weigh in and share our opinions and to use every tool in our disposal for that, including this blog. We certainly think it’s very appropriate for scientists to be involved citizens and speak up about their views. But though we debated it, we felt that this being a group (technical) blog, it’s best not to wage into politics (as long as it doesn’t directly touch on issues related to computer science such as the Apple vs. FBI case). Hence we will refrain from future postings about the presidential election. For full disclosure, both of us personally support Hillary Clinton and have been donating to her campaign.

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