Historical Papers in Cryptography: Umesh Vazirani on Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography

The cryptography semester at the Simons Institute is well on its way. Last week we had a fascinating workshop on securing computation: thanks to Hugo Krawczyk and Amit Sahai for organizing. You can find the program and video links here (covering, among many other topics, everything you always wanted to know about obfuscation but were afraid to ask). Beyond the tremendous energy and excitement about cryptography research, participants have also been keeping busy with regular movie nights, swing dancing lessons, playback theater, volleyball and hiking adventures.

This week, the lecture series on historical papers in cryptography continues, now complete with its own webpage and video links. From Vinod: “we will hear about the love affair between quantum computing and cryptography through the words of the inimitable Umesh Vazirani. Everyone’s invited”.

If you’re in the greater Berkeley area, please do drop by. Details below.

Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography
Speaker: Umesh Vazirani (UC Berkeley)
Date: Monday June 22, 2-3:30pm
Location: Calvin Lab Auditorium

This talk will trace the fundamental impact of quantum computation on cryptography, including the breaking of classical cryptostems such as RSA by quantum algorithms and, remarkably, the use of quantum algorithms to design and establish security of other classical cryptosystems. I will also describe how novel features of quantum states have been exploited to create quantum cryptographic primitives, and the challenges in defining and establishing security of such primitives. The talk is aimed at a general audience and will not assume any background in quantum computation.

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