Lists of Open Problems

Open problems are of course very valuable for setting research directions and pointing out current or grand challenges. I would like to point out two more recent lists of open problems that are “closer to home” for me at least.

6 thoughts on “Lists of Open Problems

  1. This is the default for ACM-published materials. As a SIGACT member you can log in to read it without charge even if your institution does not subscribe.

  2. SIGACT News is a volunteer effort magazine and should be treated as such and should be widely available to any one interested (not just SIGACT members) instead of treating it as a formal publication hidden behind the ACM pay wall. This is my opinion.

    1. I sympathize with this point of view. In some sense everything our community publishes is a “volunteer effort”. In addition to the volunteer part, I think that SIGACT News actually costs more to produce than the SIGACT member dues so I also see why ACM would want to recoup costs. SIGACT News has been both a news publication and as well as having original research papers (e.g., P-completeness of the Circuit-Value Problem) and original research syntheses that appear regularly in many of the columns. It may be worth considering alternative modes of running SIGACT News in which it more resembles a news feed or in which it is augmented by a news feed.

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