What is Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity?

by Ben Edelman This is the first installment of a three-part series of posts on quantum Hamiltonian complexity based on lectures given by the authors in Boaz and Tselil's seminar. The second installment is here, and the third installment is here. Quantum Hamiltonian complexity is a growing area of study that has important ramifications for … Continue reading What is Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity?

A 1D Area Law for Gapped Local Hamiltonians

(This post is based on part of a lecture delivered by Boriana Gjura and Prayaag Venkat. See also posts by Ben Edelman and Fred Zhang for more context on Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity.) Introduction In this post we present the Area Law conjecture and prove it rigorously, emphasizing the emergence of approximate ground state projectors as … Continue reading A 1D Area Law for Gapped Local Hamiltonians