Opportunities at Harvard!

Computer Science at Harvard, and in particular theoretical computer science and machine learning, is growing fast, see my 21-Tweet thread:

Please consider applying for graduate studies in computer science (or encourage others to apply if like me, your grad-school days are behind you).

In recent years, I’ve taken a special interest in the theory of machine learning, and there are several opportunities at Harvard in this area. In particular, I’ve been collaborating with people both in and outside CS, including incoming CS faculty Sham Kakade, as well as Demba Ba (Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering), Lucas Janson (Statistics), and  Cengiz Pehlevan (Applied Mathematics). I’m very much open to co-advising students outside computer science as well.

Students interested in quantum computation and information can apply to any of our programs (including computer science, physics, and others) as well as to the new quantum science and engineering degree. There are a number of Harvard faculty interested in quantum computing including new incoming faculty member Anurag Anshu. In this area as well I am open to co-advising, including students outside CS.

If you are applying to graduate studies and are potentially interested in working with me, you can indicate this in the application form and statement of interest. This is the best way to ensure that I read your application (and in particular better than emailing me separately: for fairness sake I read all the applications together in batch, regardless of whether the candidate emailed me or not).

We are also looking for postdocs! We have the general Rabin postdoc position, as well as specific positions in privacy, fairness, and theory of machine learning, all described in the following ad. There is also a separate networking+theory postdoc position. Several other machine-learning theory related postdocs are linked in our ML theory opportunities page. See also the quantum initiative postdoctoral fellowship. There may be more CS, ML and quantum related opportunities that I am missing. If I hear of more relevant opportunities then I will post them here and/or on Twitter.

Finally, Harvard welcomes applications from candidates of all backgrounds, regardless of disability, gender identity and expression, physical appearance, race, religion, or sexual orientation. I would like to especially encourage applications from members of under-represented groups. Computer Science, and in particular the areas I work in, have a significant diversity problem. We are trying at Harvard to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for people from all backgrounds. I am sincerely grateful and appreciative of people placing their trust in us by applying, and we will do our best to live up to that trust.

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