RANDOM/APPROX conference

[Guest post by Mary Wooters; the conference already started but there are still great activities tomorrow and Wednesday. On an unrelated note, please make sure to watch the new Theory Shorts episode by the Simons Institute of Computing on lower bounds in computational complexity, featuring Madhu Sudan, Paul Beame, Faith Ellen, Jelani Nelson, and Manuel Sabin.–Boaz]

Call for Participation: APPROX/RANDOM 2021

The 25th International Workshop on Randomization and Computation (RANDOM 2021) and the 24th International Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems (APPROX 2021) will be starting on Monday August 16!  The conferences will be held as parallel virtual conferences, August 16-18, 2021. RANDOM 2021 focuses on applications of randomness to computational and combinatorial problems while APPROX 2021 focuses on algorithmic and complexity theoretic issues relevant to the development of efficient approximate solutions to computationally difficult problems.

To learn more about the conferences and program, visit:

APPROX: https://approxconference.wordpress.com/approx-2021/
RANDOM: https://randomconference.com/random-2021-home/

In addition to an exciting program of live talks and discussion (to complement pre-recorded talks), the conference will feature two invited talks, by Jelani Nelson (UC Berkeley) and Vera Traub (ETH Zurich), as well as a social event with trivia and a cartoon caption contest!

Registration is only $10 for general audience members.  You can register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/approx-2021-and-random-2021-tickets-162840998811?discount=audience