Making TCS more connected / less insular

[Announcement from Jelani Nelson –Boaz]


A task force has been convened by CATCS to investigate possible
approaches to modifying aspects of the TCS community, especially our
publishing culture, to enhance connections with other areas of CS and
be as welcoming as possible to a broad range of contributions within
theory. This committee will collect and synthesize feedback from the
community via the questionnaire on then make suggestions.

Since adjusting conference formats may help with this, we would like to get
a general idea of community opinion on format choices. If you have
some opinions you would like to share, please use this form. Though
the questions below focus primarily on FOCS/STOC, we are welcome to
receiving any and all suggestions that would make the TCS community as
broad and well-connected to other areas of TCS as possible (see the
last question of the survey).

Task force members:
Ken Clarkson (IBM Research)
Sandy Irani (UC Irvine)
Bobby Kleinberg (Cornell)
Adam Klivans (UT Austin)
Ravi Kumar (Google)
Jelani Nelson (UC Berkeley)
Yuval Rabani (Hebrew University)

3 thoughts on “Making TCS more connected / less insular

  1. Surely the initiation seems good, however some obvious questions like making FOCS/STOC double-blind (like almost all other fields of CS) left behind the in questionnaire. I believe the task force could be more diverse as well.

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