Progress and Challenges in Code Obfuscation: Part II

This is a followup to the previous post on program obfuscation written jointly with Guy Rothblum.The problem of program obfuscation is fascinating.  The question at hand is whether one can transform a program (say, described as a Boolean circuit) into a form that is executable (i.e., has the same input/output behavior), but is otherwise completely … Continue reading Progress and Challenges in Code Obfuscation: Part II

Challenges in Outsourcing Computation

As applications move to cloud computing platforms, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity becomes a serious concern.  Users want to ensure that even if untrustworthy systems handle their confidential data, their data cannot be disclosed.  In addition, users want to ensure that computations done by the (untrusted) systems are correct.The latter problem is known as the … Continue reading Challenges in Outsourcing Computation