TCS visioning workshop

[From Jelani Nelson and David Woodruff. This workshop can be very important to ensure TCS is represented in what is likely to be a difficult funding environment in coming years. –Boaz ]

The CATCS will be hosting a virtual “Visioning Workshop” the week of July 20 in order to identify broad research themes within theoretical computer science (TCS) that have potential for a major impact in the future. The goals are similar to the workshop of the same name in 2008: to package these themes in a way that can be consumed by the general public, which we would deliver primarily to the Computing Community Consortium and others (e.g. funding agencies) to help them advocate for TCS.

While participation in the workshop is primarily through invitation, we have a few slots available for the broader community. If you are interested in participating, please see details of the application process below. The workshop will be organized according to area-wise breakout groups. Each breakout group will have 1-2 leads. Breakout groups will meet for 4-5 hours spread across several days and will be tasked with brainstorming ideas and preparing materials related to their topic. Leads are further expected to participate in plenary sessions held on Monday July 20 and Friday July 24 (4-5 hrs of additional time) where these materials will be discussed.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please fill out this Google form by Monday June 15 ( ). On this form, applicants are asked to contribute one or two major results in the last 10 years whose significance can be explained in layperson terms, and one or two major challenges for theory whose significance can be explained in layperson terms. [The results need not and generally will not be your own. They just should be easy-to-explain major results in your research area–Boaz] These descriptions can be very brief. We will just use them to select participants and create breakout groups.

2 thoughts on “TCS visioning workshop

  1. Is this an international event or is it limited only to the national strategy of the U.S.A.? Jelani’s and Woodruff’s remark is unclear on this.

    1. The consumers of the primary deliverables are US funding agencies and organizations. That being said, if international researchers wish to contribute, they would be welcome.

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