Windows On Theory

Do we have TCS “Harvey Weinsteins”?

Following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, I’d like to believe that the academic environment at large, and theoretical computer science in particular, is a much better environment than Hollywood. But we would be misleading ourselves to think that we are completely without our issues. This story can be an opportunity for each of us, men and women, to think what can we do to eradicate such behavior from our field. I don’t have any easy answers, but all of us, especially senior men in positions of influence, should try to do what we can and not look the other way. There is not much that can be more damaging for a person coming up in a field than somebody abusing and objectifying them rather than treating them as a colleague and an intellectual.

This is not exactly related, but what prompted me to write this post was hearing from a  friend (who is a non CS faculty in another part of the U.S.) whose children were kicked out from a private (non religious) school when the principal learned they come from an LGBT family. I was truly shocked that something like that can happen in a fairly large U.S. city. It got me thinking (again) of how easy it is to believe that such issues are a thing of the past, or happen in only the remotest parts of the world or the country, when you are not part of the affected population.